Open 365 days a year, 7 days a week, Melrose Music & Comics has been providing the surrounding area with its comic book needs for 20 years. With unbeatable prices and excellent customer service, we’re always happy to help. We have a free online pull service for those who like to make sure they have the comics they need pulled every week. Feel free to contact us or come in with any questions you may have!

We host a number of weekly events, whether it be Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, World of Warcraft: TCG, or HeroClix. Make sure to take a look at our upcoming events!

Want to know how to contact us or when we’re open? Go to the contact us page! (Weird, right?)


Mega City One carries much more than Music & Comics. Oh yes. Unfortunately, if we were to name all the product categories we carry in our title, it’d be impossible to say. Could you imagine typing “Mega City One & Toys & Posters & Pins & Patches & Stickers & DVDs & Clothing & Drinks”? I hate typing just Mega City One!


Melrose Music & Comics now offers our customers a way to manage and track their pulls online, all via Comixology! Here’s how:

1) Create an account on Comixology.com. (Already have one? Skip this step!)

2) Once you’re set up and logged in, check out our retailer page. Scroll down, and click “Connect” on the left side of the page.

3) Fill out the requested information, and you’re done! Start pulling on Comixology, and every Wednesday we’ll pull at the store what you pulled online. Easy!

Comixology also has a great free app for iPhone/iPod touch, so you can pull on the go!