The Latest Trends For Kitchen Remodeling

A homeowner can better maximize the space and also increase his/her home's value by doing kitchen remodeling. For people that are thinking about starting their remodeling soon or those that want to freshen up their kitchen by making only a few basic upgrades, it'll be good for you to know the hottest trends and the ones that are going out of style.

It is true that there are some kitchen trends that change very quickly while there are others that stick around for a long time. Before deciding on the fixtures, appliances and kitchen colors to choose, see the hottest kitchen remodeling trends for 2018.

The Hottest Kitchen Trends

There are some homeowners that plan to remodel with the aim of selling their home while others just want to upgrade their outdated kitchen. Regardless of the reason, try to incorporate the trends for this year whenever you can.

It is likely you've noticed that more kitchens are now in deeper and darker colors. For this year, drama is the main theme for the kitchen, in addition to keeping it uncluttered and clean so it can really be the home's heart.

"In a home, the true gathering place now is the kitchen," says Emily Pfeifer, a bath and kitchen specialist at Abbey Renovations Group. "The modern family can be accommodated by these spaces as they have evolved. The kitchen design has been really changed by creating a nice space where one can cook and entertain at the same time or just chilling with your family."

Generally, kitchens are transitioning into casual spaces to welcome and entertain guests, so here are the major trends for 2018:

Kitchen Island and Seating
Open shelving
Darker Hues
Copper Finishes
Wood Countertops
Tech-Savvy Kitchens

Kitchen Islands And Seating

In kitchens in many homes, kitchen islands are already a common feature but a lot of people are remodeling because of the idea of using them as the main gathering point.

"For some time now, we've known that kitchens have been outing dining rooms," Pfeifer said. "Now, I'm beginning to see more and more people neglecting traditional seating and positioning all or most of their seating near a peninsula or an island. Homeowners entertain, friends and families are now more on-the-go, so there is a need for providing flexible seating close to the kitchen."

You can easily adapt this trend if your home already has a good kitchen island. If you want to make the island a great gathering point, you'll need to create a centerpiece and some nice seating arrangements.

However, follow this link if you want to know more about kitchen lights that are suitable for it.

Open Shelving

For 2018, this particular trend is a list-topper. For a while now, open shelving has been gradually gaining popularity. If you don't want to pay for the installation of a new cabinet but wants to inculcate a trend that is cost effective, the perfect solution for you is open shelving.

It will make the whole space look airy and open, which in truth, is what most people want for their kitchens.

Darker Hues

It may be surprising to many people but darker paint colors for kitchens will be turning up all over the country. Some of the hot colors to use are navy blue, forest green and charcoal. It is similar to the bathroom trends for this year, as navy blue will be a very popular color.

The same goes for the colors of cabinets as well. "Right now, blue-colored cabinetry is major and it's even better if it is applied as an island's accent," Pfeifer said. "A popular look is combining a cabinetry with white perimeter and a dark blue-colored island."

You may be planning to change your kitchen's paint color this year. You should that on an average, painting an interior will cost $1,680, but many homeowners spend between $1,120 and $1,830. However, it may not cost up to that amount as it depends on your kitchen's size.


Copper Finishes

This year, warm metallics are really in style for every room in a home. That being said, it is essential to have copper finishes in the kitchen.

From kitchen faucets to cabinet hardware, a sleek look can be added to the kitchen by using copper.

What makes it better is that these updates are not expensive and thus, they provide a budget-friendly and efficient means of changing your kitchen's décor.

Wood Countertops

For every part of your home, it is very hot to have natural elements. You should consider installing wood countertops if you are planning on doing kitchen remodeling this year. This feature is trendy for any kitchen to have and it will also be beneficial to home chefs. It provides a rusty look and will look great when paired with other trends for this year. Also, wood countertops are perfect if you want an option that's eco-friendly.

Tech-Savvy Kitchens

There are many kitchen gadgets but manufacturers have started incorporating smart technology into the function of the latest ones. In 2017, this particular trend was very popular and it will continue to be so in 2018 as there are more new technologies surfacing.

The kitchen is a tech-ready space now. There are automated cooking appliances available now and you can even remotely control your lights. Before, a chef only dreams of these kinds of items. This year, prepare your kitchen for all the latest technology by creating more plug outlets and docking stations for all your new devices.

The cost of installing an outlet on an average is $194.